Competition Tyres

Competition Tyres covers a wide range of racing and rallies. From the Tarmac, Gravel, Grass and even Drifiting, we offer a range of tyres to suit each...



Tarmac Competition Tyres

We have a range of Tarmac Tyres that are purely designed for ultimate tarmac grip and handling. A sticky tread means that you can push your car to the very limits of performance. Which could be the difference between winning and coming second.

The tarmac tyres we sell come in range of compounds, from Super Soft to Hard, so you can specify for the conditions and your driving preference.

Drifting Tyres

Our drifting tyres are all about the specatcle. Whether your the next Ken Block or just want to impress, our road legal drifiting tyres will set you out from the crowd. With specially formed compounds drifting tyres combine everyday driving ability with a surprise show off element.

Gravel Competition Tyres

Gravel Tyres are designed for loose surface and forest rallying. The specially designed tread blocks allow for high end grip on the most uneven surfaces. A range of compounds allow for alternate set ups depending on the conditions and driving style. 

We have a specialist knowledge on all of our competition, rally and racing tyres, so if you're unsure of what you need, give us a call and we will give you our expert advise.

Grass Competition Tyres

Grass Competition Tyres are perfect for events on grass, such as Auto Grass. Specifically designed for mud, dirt and grass these competition tyres will keep your performance levels high, which could be the difference between first and second.

We offer Free UK Delivery on all of our Grass Competition Tyres.

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