About us

Ears is split into two, with one part offering tyres online and the other offering motorsport and performance parts. Their headquarters is in Macclesfield, Cheshire where all their products can be bought.


Tyres are sourced from leading manufacturers such as Continental, Pirelli and Toyo, as well as lesser-known brands such as Haida, Sunew and Infinity. This gives Ears a wide product range that covers car tyres, van tyres and 4x4 tyres at a range of price levels from budget tyres to mid brand and premium tyres.


Motorsport and Performance parts are sourced from a range of manufacturers, such as OMP and Whiteline. Offering a wide variety of parts from Rallying to Tuning the range can accommodate all performance needs.


The business is headed by Mike Pattison, who originally started the business all the way back in 1975. With a goal to provide value for money, excellent product selection and high-end customer service Ears is striving to become the number one seller of tyres online.


As previously mentioned Ears, or Escort and Rally Spares as it was originally known, was created. Originally main sales were through an array of Rallying and Racing spares, with other sales coming through competition tyres. Not only that, but such were the expertise at Ears, they built and sold rally cars, with such models including Ford Escorts MK1, MK2 and MK3.


With Ears soon out growing one location, moves were made to build them into other areas such as London, Bath, Northern and Southern Ireland, where they continued to expand in the motorsport sector.


Not only did Ears sell into motorsport, they were also a massive part of it. Rallying is a big part of their history and events were far and wide, with wins being a regular occurrence under Mike. With rallying came press coverage, in an article in 1985 the reporter became so tired of writing Escort and Rally Spares that he shortened it to EARS, and to this day it has stuck.


With rallying becoming more and more popular the locations got increasingly varied. Road rallying was Ears main focus until the Motorsport News Championship stopped in 1987, after years of high profile wins it was time to spread the Ears brand further a field Europe was calling. With shops being set up in Prague in the Czech Republic in 1990 and Belgrade in Yugoslavia in 1995. On the rallying front the cars were changed to Mitsubishi Evos ranging from the 3 to 7. With Europe conquered Ears stared going to Russia to push themselves even further.


With their rallying being a huge success, Ears made sure that their retail side didn’t suffer, and in 1992 an ecommerce website, www.ears.co.uk was launched. The site was an easy and convenient place to buy tyres and motorsport equipment online and also had the benefit of being open 24/7 and being open to a worldwide audience.


With their increased presence within motorsport Ears pushed themselves further by moving on to bigger rally’s, with locations including, Portugal, France, Belgium, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and of course Russia.


With the Internet and a certain auction site being at the forefront of technology and peoples minds, Ears moved on eBay in 2006. Initially there was a mix of motorsport parts and tyres. Over time Mike realized that there was a gap on eBay to sell everyday car, van and 4x4 tyres, and so a big push on tyres was made. This turned out to be a stroke of genius as eBay is now on of if not the main place customers buy tyres online.


With technology ever advancing and the amount of people buying tyres online the decision was made to update the website, with the main aim to split the business in two, one side for tyres and the other for motorsport. Not only would this make stocks easier to manage but also provide a cleaner more user-friendly experience for the customer. In February 2014 the new site was born, using the original name www.ears.co.uk as the entrance that allows customers to choose between Tyres Online and Motorsport and Performance Parts.


www.ears.co.uk/tyres, is a full blown ecommerce site for buying tyres. With the homepage filled with the tyre searcher it makes it easy to know where to begin, something we found somewhat lacking on other tyre websites. Once you have chosen your tyres size, a selection of product that match are then shown. But have no fear it isn’t a blur of thousands of products, with no hints or tips on what to choose. No, we chose to make it a clean cut and simple as possible. Each tyre has the key information on the front, which includes the new EU Tyre Label that shows the tyres performance levels in Fuel Efficiency, Wet Grip and Noise Level. A small description of what the tyre is about, so whether it’s a budget, mid brand or premium and what it’s suited to. If you still don’t know what to choose then you can use our filter that is located on the left hand side to narrow down your choices. Filters include; Brand, Wet Grip, Fuel Efficiency and Season. Once you have chosen your tyres, you’re only 5 clicks away from buying tyres online and having them delivered direct to you, easy.


From the original start in 1975 Ears has come a long way, and unlike some companies has welcomed changed and moved with the times. Over the next few years Ears plan to become the biggest retailer of selling tyres online and increase the motorsport section to where it once was.

The Team

The team are made up of experts in the tyre and motorsport sectors. So if there is anything you need to question or find out, please give us a call (01625 433773) and we will give use our expert knowledge to answer.

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